Sports Massage

Sports massage has been utilised for hundreds of years, dating back to gladiator times. Today it is a combination of Swedish and Remedial techniques specifically adapted to counteract the stresses encountered due to intense physical activity of all kinds of sports. There are different types of sports massage consisting of: pre-event, post-event and maintenance.

Pre-event massage occurs before the sports event. It consists of light, stimulating techniques designed to stimulate the nervous system, warm up soft tissue and promote fluid and movement in joints. It also provides an opportunity to help mentally relax the athlete before an event.

Post-event massage is most beneficial being received up to 24 hours after an event. It helps to calm the nervous system, allow muscle to revert to resting state and assist with healing of any micro-tears in the muscles and connective tissue and help remove metabolic toxins.

Maintenance massage is any regular massage received. It assists in healing of any injuries sustained and shorten recovery time, help maintain muscle length and strength, maintain movement in muscles and joints, promotes optimal muscle health, reduce pain and prevent injury including repetitive movement injury such as tennis or golfers elbow.

Both professional and amateur athletes alike in any kind of sport be it high impact like rugby league, to individual activities such as weight lifting or swimming to anything as light as walking, can all benefit from sports massage.