Post Surgery / Injury Rehabilitation

Massage therapy is very beneficial in assisting with rehabilitation from trauma of soft tissue such as surgery or injury along with other treatments such as stretches and exercises (typically prescribed by a physiotherapist). The severity of the injury or the surgery will determine when massage therapy is appropriate to commence and what techniques are used.

Lymphatic drainage can assist with oedema (swelling) after injury or surgery. Different techniques can assist with aligning and softening scar tissue, keeping muscles pliable and also allowing new fresh blood and its healing agents and nutrients to the site whilst taking away toxins from the area to promote healing and reduce healing time.

Often when an area has been immobilised the connective tissue may fuse together. Treatment of the fascia can break apart fused connective tissue and gentle manipulation can break apart adhesions in tendons and muscles.

These techniques can assist with keeping optimal muscle length, optimal range of motion in joints and overall health of the soft tissue.